Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif writes letter to Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif writes letter to Narendra Modi
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Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif
Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif wrote a letter to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Calling on him to solve the Jammu and Kashmir dispute withinside the hobby of mutual peace and prosperity for India and Pakistan.
Narendra Modi congratulated the choicest on his 11th April election. Because the prime minister stated India preferred peace and balance withinside the region. 
Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif had also said the gesture and stated Pakistan additionally preferred. Cooperative ties with India for which a strategy to the Kashmir dispute turned indispensable.
In that letter, the Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif reiterated his gratitude to his Indian counterpart. For his nice desires and stated that Pakistan remained devoted to the renovation of nearby peace and security.
The letter stated Pakistan’s sacrifices and contribution toward preventing and doing away. Terrorism had been widely known and globally acknowledged. 
Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif wrote that we trust that nonviolent and cooperative ties. Pakistan and India are vital for the development and socioeconomic uplift of our humans and for the region.
This may be nicely executed thru significant engagement and non-violent. Decisions in all first-rate disputes, which include the middle problem of Jammu and Kashmir
Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif referred to Modi to together stable peace and paintings for the development and prosperity of our humans.
Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif said that my main objective is to write this letter is that we want peace and prosperity. This is possible only when the issue of Kashmir resolve. Because in Kashmir there are a huge amount of people who are Muslims. 
If anybody hurt Muslims then we must be hurt because we are Muslims. So we must resolve this issue together in a decent way. So that there is peace occurs in both countries, Pakistan and India.

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