PTI Chairman Imran Khan declared a strike in Islamabad on July 2

PTI Chairman Imran Khan declared a strike in Islamabad on July 2
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PTI Chairman Imran Khan announced a strike

One week later, PTI Chairman Imran Khan announced a clean strike rally against the government at the Parade Ground in Islamabad on July 2.

In a video message from Islamabad, PTI Chairman Imran Khan said the confirmation could be for the locals of Islamabad and the people of Rawalpindi next Saturday night. Which are in Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi, Multan and our big cities.

I am telling everyone that you need to strike on July 2 and I need your full participation, not for me now, but for the fate of you and your children.

The PTI Chairman Imran Khan reported that the government was trying to create trouble because it knew that people had come to know, it had been strengthened illegally.

Imran Khan instructed his supporters not to be afraid now and destroy this idol of thought. This is a big idol. It will enslave you and if you start worshiping this idol, remember that you may be treated unfairly.

The strike of Imran Khan’s government over the next 12 months over his finances and the latest changes in the National Accountability Bureau’s (NAB) rules, including his fears that the country will be taken to the level of a failed state.

He said, It needs to be clear that they will not be coaching to restore the financial system or reduce fees. The government participants were most effectively concerned about whitewashing their corruption.

government's latest surprise tax on the sectors of positive companies has resulted in inflation

Criticizing the extended tax provisions in the price range, PTI Chairman Imran Khan said that the salaried class was also harassed and the government’s latest surprise tax on the sectors of positive companies has resulted in inflation, unemployment and reduced competition and growth can be stopped.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan said that the changes in the NAB regulation as good as to the destruction of the United States. They have dug the grave of Pakistan’s justice system and destiny is in the dark.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan warned the government that if it did not meet the demands, it would march on the capital again. Imran Khan targeted many supporters in Islamabad, planning to seize a large part of the capital until Sharif agrees to new elections.

Last Wednesday night, the Supreme Court ordered the government to remove all police barriers on entry and exit routes to the city and provide a special open area for Imran Khan’s supporters to continue their strike.

However, the strikers did not comply with the court orders and many reached the heart of the capital, where they fought with the police for hours before Imran Khan, and the main frame of the strike entered the city.

Police charged tear gas and sticks on the strike march and delayed hundreds of strikers, who set fire to trees, cars, shops and a bus station. Because they reached the parliament from the main route of the capital.

Information Minister Maryam Aurangzeb said at least 18 police and paramilitary troops were injured when dozens of assailants violated the final security line to reach the gates of parliament.

The clashes also took place in more than one town in Punjab province and in the southern port city of Karachi. The government has said that Imran Khan’s march is illegal and it is accused that he wants to take the strikers to Islamabad with bad intentions.

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