Shehzad Roy and Sajal Aly new film Tum Ho To is releasing on 4th June

Shehzad Roy and Sajal Aly new film Tum Ho To is releasing on 4th June
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Sajal Aly new film

The duo had been busy operating on a brand new mission called ‘Tum Ho To’ and after you have a glimpse of it, we subsequently have a date and a few clues to paintings of Sajal Aly new film. Roy and Aly shared a joint Instagram put up yesterday in which they staged a video call.

The caption covered the hashtags #WorkingWomen #TumHoTo #4th June and actor and director Faisal Qureshi became tagged as well. What we presently recognize is the issue in their collaboration is operating women, it’s been directed via way of means of Qureshi and could launch on 4th June

In the video, the ‘Mukhra’ singer of Sajal Aly new film requested Aly to which she is to which she replied she’s in Lahore for painting purposes. He then requested the Mom actor, Your existence is set, why do you want to paintings? 

She spoke back What do you imply why do I want to paint? Roy said that humans paintings to earn money. Aly said, No, there are maybe many different motives to visit paintings. He requested her for an instant and they said, You can see for yourself on 4th June. 

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Qureshi additionally popped in on the quit and yelled Cut! Perfect. The duo published some photographs of Sajal Aly new film from their photoshoot collectively on 20th May captioned with the hashtag #TumHoTo to get their fanatics pumped up for her upcoming mission.

Shortly after, they dropped extra info for us to piece matters collectively. The Ishq-e-Laa actor published a photograph with Qureshi with the equal hashtag and wrote, With the one and only! My fav Faisal Qureshi.

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